GIS File Format Conversions

Need to convert between Geographic Information System data formats like AutoCAD DXF, Shapefile (SHP), Google KML, GPX (GPS Exchange Format), or CSV? One of the tools below may address your need. If not, contact me to see if I can help.

AutoCAD DXF, SHP, or KML to ESRI Shapefile, Google KML, or DXF

This free online converter will translate an AutoCAD file (in DXF format) to a shapefile or KML format. It can also convert from KML format to shapefile, or KML to DXF, or Shapefile to DXF. Choose the output format you desire and select your input file, then press Convert File.

This converter is based on open source components, and source code is available via the IBM developerWorks article on this topic. (The bulk converter below is based on different tools.)

200 MB LIMIT on files, please! Contact me for a custom solution if you need to convert large files.

Download PRJ FIle

Occasionally you need a .PRJ file to accompany a shapefile. This defines the coordinate system or projection system in use. If you know the projection you need, choose it from this list to get a PRJ file back. Note that this will not convert data projections, it will just give you a PRJ file to accompany your data.

Projection / Coordinate System:
Get PRJ File

CSV to Shapefile / CSV to DXF

This tool will allow you to convert a CSV file to DXF or Shapefile format. The file must have two columns labelled "x" and "y", which contain your coordinates. Note that this conversion handles points only. If you want to convert polygon CSV files, consider using the older Windows desktop converter application.

Output Format:
Input File:
Convert File

200 MB LIMIT on files, please! Contact me for a custom solution if you need to convert large files.

Bulk AutoCAD DXF to Shapefile Converter for Windows and Mac

If the simple tool above is insufficient for your needs, consider the Bulk DXF to Shapefile Converter. This tool will allow you to convert one or more AutoCAD DXF files into shapefiles in one pass. Note that this converter does not support DWG, only DXF. Each individual DXF file is converted into four files: one for each geometry type, and one for text. For example, if you convert c:\data\test.dxf, your output files will consist of...

  • c:\data\test-text.shp
  • c:\data\test-point.shp
  • c:\data\test-line.shp
  • c:\data\test-polygon.shp

In addition to geometry, the DXF layer names are preserved as an attribute table field. Any custom coloring or thicknesses are also stored as attributes, and any label rotation is saved in the -text.shp attribute table. The desktop version can also handle more complex entities such as LWPOLYLINE bulge values.

The converter includes a GUI (Graphical User Interface) allowing you to select multiple files for batch conversion, or you can pass a single filename to it via command line, useful for use with other tools, scripts, or batch processes.

Single User for Windows

Single User for Mac OS X

Site License for Windows

Site License for Mac OS X

GPX (GPS Exchange Format) to Shapefile

GPX is a common export format for GPS data loggers (including mobile phone apps).

Input File:
Convert File

Custom Data Conversion

Are none of the above tools meeting your needs? Contact me for a free quote on a custom data conversion tool or project.

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